Story of a Little Stray Kitten Who Cries Real Tears

A stray kitten arrived at a doorstep one day, meowing for help. she was tired, hungry and very scared.

Not being used to human company, she was very scared and kept trying to hide herself away while all the time crying.

She obviously needed help, so the kind lady whose house it was tried to gain the kitten’s trust.

It took a few hours but after a while the kitten began to approach the lady, but as she had no kitten food she gave her some water and the kitten eagerly drank.

There was now a bond forming between the two and the kitten started to realize that she was in a safe place.

The lady had never had any interaction with cats before so she had no idea what they ate, so she popped down to the local store and came back with some milk.

The kitten lapped it up and the lady saw a notable change in the  kitten’s demeanour.

Like most caring people, it didn’t take long for the lady to become attached, she could see a glimmer of hope in the kitten’s eyes.

But then the glimmer faded and the lady thought she could see tears welling up, perhaps the tiny thing was missing her mama and her siblings.

So the lady went out to have a look and asked around the neighborhood but nobody had seen the kitten before.

She felt the kitten was putting all of her faith in their chance meeting and now it was time to trust this human to look after her.


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