Street Kitten Rescue Luke and Leah Were Abandoned in a Park

Sergey lives in Moscow and in his spare time he does what he can for the stray cats and kittens in his neighborhood.

One day when he was in the park putting out food for the cats he spotted two little kittens all alone.

They were hiding under the benches so he put out some food for them

While they were eating he noticed they were both shivering from the cold, also they weren’t afraid of him.

Sergey feels that these kittens were not feral, they were very clean, so some uncaring human must of abandoned them there.

This often happens in Russia, there is over 100,000 stray cats living on the streets of Moscow alone.

After searching to see if there were any other kittens about, Sergey decided to take them home.

Once home he put the kittens in a cage, they would stay there until he knew they were healthy and capable of using the litter tray.

Sergey must be a Star Wars fan because he named the kittens Luke and Leah.

At first the siblings were very cautious but they soon got to know Sergey and their surroundings.

It wasn’t long before he found somebody that wanted to adopt Leah, she was a vet assistant from the local clinic.

This had a profound effect on Luke, he wasn’t used to being alone.

It was so sad to see him flipping out in his cage, so Sergey made sure he got lots of extra love.

It was then time to move Luke out of his cage and into the bathroom, finally he had a large space to play in and explore.

The only downside was the difficulty Sergey had in the morning trying to clean his teeth!

Soon the bathroom became too small for Luke so he was introduced to the rest of the apartment and the other cats that lived there.

Sergey soon found a good home for Luke and it didn’t take him long to become king of the house, the force is definitely strong in that kitty!

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