The Bereaved Cat Still Barbors A Deep Affection In Her Head And Heart For Her Old Friend

You might find it hard to believe, yet friendships can exist outside of the human race. Animals, like people, have the ability to experience intense emotions and form unique and lovely friendships with one another. Occasionally, they are far better than we are because they are nice and devoted to their companions for the rest of their lives regardless of differences in size or species.

Here is a story of an unlikely friendship between a friendly cat and a rescued fawn. If you still think animals don’t have feelings and friendships, this video below will change your mind immediately.

Cats are known for being aloof, independent, and sassy, so people will think that they like being alone and hate interacting and making friends with others. However, the adorable cat in the video below is very friendly and affectionate. He wanted to befriend the rescued deer and gave it a warm welcome.

Without hesitation, the cat approached the deer and introduced himself to it.

The two creatures first circled and sniffed each other a lot since they were intrigued about one another. But it didn’t take the cat long to begin stroking the deer. The cat began slowly swishing its tail in satisfaction as the deer began licking the animal’s ears.

“We don’t know for sure if the cat sees this as a triumph. Look, another species to lord over!”

Watch how they became best friends in the video below:

We are happy to know that the cat and the deer have found a friend and playmate in each other. Animals can get along and live alongside each other peacefully.

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