The cute kitten grew up and changed: his ears are overgrown but he is still adorable

Not all animals grow up by their standards. Sometimes, either as a result of a mutation or health problem, some animals may have different features of appearance.

In many cases, we admire their unique beauty and unrepeatable spots of their fur.

For one of her birthdays, a girl was presented with a small fluffy meowing lump, assuring that he would turn into a real handsome man.

The girl loved her kitten and always followed him everywhere. They were best friends. The kitten himself also liked the playing time with the girl.

The owner was impatient about her kitten becoming a full-size cat. And it happened!

But in reality, such a miracle turned out from him. At the sight of this unusual beast, no one can restrain a smile, because he is incredibly funny.

This is an oriental cat. Combined with his slender build, the incredibly large ears look extremely funny.

But the owner adores him as he is. She is even more in love with him. They share a strong bond.

The cat reciprocates with her, and he is also extremely playful, friendly and even talkative!

How beautiful it is to know that the bit strange appearance didn’t scare the owner of this miraculous baby!


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