‘The World’s Worst Cat’ Is Looking For A New Home, And The Ad For Her Is Hilarious

The staff of an animal shelter in North Carolina thought that finding a new home for one of their residents will be difficult. Still, a hilarious and unusual ad they made might make this task a breeze.

Perdita is a 4-year-old domestic shorthair cat, and it became a shelter resident after her owner passed away. It was clear from the start that she is difficult to handle. The first thing that the vets suggest in such cases is a medical evaluation because cats are often acting up because of some health issues or pain.

It turned out she is perfectly healthy, and the reasons for her misbehaving lie elsewhere.

Finding a home for her was a priority. Still, the staff decided not to sugarcoat things, but to make the ad as honest and straightforward as possible. We don’t know if they meant to make it so funny also

People loved the ad even though it wasn’t very flattering, so the shelter soon posted an update that they are going over 50 applications to find a suitable home for this grumpy cat. Perdita seems to like or dislike attention. You can’t really say with this cat.

The ad amused most of the commenters, but some of them took a more serious approach, analyzing the situation this cat found herself in. She lost a human who took care of her all of her life, lost her home where they lived alone quietly. Now she is in an environment totally new to her, surrounded by many animals that are anything but quiet and calm. This is probably not her real personality that we are seeing. And it is a common problem in shelters, especially for animals that lived alone with a single owner. They can’t adapt to the shelter; they look antisocial, sometimes hostile. That prevents them from being adopted, so they become even more isolated, and the vicious circle continues.

Some people shared their own stories where they adopted such animals. After a short period, they turned out to be great companions, playful, friendly. It is possible the same will happen with Perdita.


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