This Sweet Cat Helps Take Care Of The Kittens His Family Bring Home

Holly Brookhouser and her family first saw Rigby, a tabby cat, at an Oklahoma animal shelter around six years ago. They were searching for the perfect companion for their cat Canon at the time, but they had no clue how much of a help Rigby would be to the other cats.

Holly stated:

“I started kitten fostering a year after we acquired him, and I found I had a deep urge to help care for cats.”

The loving cat didn’t take long to demonstrate that he wanted to be friends with every homeless cat who passed through his door.

Rigby would visit the foster kittens in their home and they would end up curled up in a big puddle of cuddles; he spent the whole day with them.

Rigby soon assumed the role of surrogate father and showered the foster cats with affection after several of them arrived at the house without a mother.

She normally spends equal amounts of time with everyone, but she spent a lot more time cuddling and holding the abandoned kittens while they slept.

Holly confirmed:

He keeps still when I apply bottles to his body and feed the newborns who don’t have mothers. They have the impression that they are nursing. He occasionally assists them in urinate.

Apparently, the sweet boy knows exactly what each of the kittens that come to the house needs, just by looking at them. If Holly brings home a cat with her little ones, things seem to change a bit, but in the end she always achieves the same goal.

Rigby manages to create the right way to bond with the mother cat, but he always gives her the space she needs to be comfortable. When the kittens grow up, he is ready to play with them and teach them feline tricks, but he also gets excited about the kittens’ moms.

Lovable Rigby has been a great help even to older foster cats, as Holly uses him to test their behavior. Holly currently fosters a cat (Millie) rescued from the streets, her litter of six kittens, and five orphaned babies in her home.

The five tiniest orphaned kittens get extra care and are even given vitamins and nutrients during the day. The most amazing thing, however, is that Millie has chosen to care for the abandoned kittens as if they were her own children after being drawn to them.

Holly continued:

“I’m so happy you’re here to support me! Both litters are content and stuffed to the brim. With their larger adoptive siblings, the smaller kittens enjoy cuddling.”

Rigby, it should be mentioned, is usually ready to lend a hand, and this circumstance is no exception, so he keeps a watch on Millie.

Rigby always sits by the door, looking forward to visiting Millie’s foster room, and taking care of her little babies.

So when Millie goes out to take a break away from the kittens, Rigby goes over to them and takes care of them until their mom comes back. All the kitties love Rigby and enjoy the extra dose of love that their feline best friend gives them, he is an exemplary volunteer.

Rigby has undoubtedly discovered his purpose in life, but the best part is that caring for kittens makes him the happiest cat.

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