Through A Window Cats Fall In Love With One Another

Making friends was never Simon’s main interest.

The orange tabby had lots of chances to mingle while residing at Crumbs & Whiskers, a Los Angeles cat café. Instead, he decided to remain private.

Simon’s mother, Mackenzie Coffman, told The Dodo that although Simon is familiar with other animals, “he never really played with the other cats in the café.”

But when Simon caught a glimpse of his neighbor across the street, everything changed.

“I was in bed and I woke up to Simon whining at the window,” Coffman said. “I looked up and to my surprise saw a cat sitting in my neighbor’s window. I’ve lived in this apartment for two years and have never seen their cat.”

Simon was instantly smitten with the mysterious feline, but it was unclear if the object of his affection felt the same way. That initial aloofness didn’t stop Simon from trying to win the cat’s affection.

“The other cat never really looked at Simon or paid attention to him,” Coffman said. “So Simon would jump up and down in the windowsill to try to get his attention.”

Coffman decided to act as a type of wingman for her besotted pet because she had never seen Simon act in this manner before.

Coffman humorously posted a little placard on her window after watching the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong With Me.”

Soon after, the neighbors hung up their own sign in response. Coffman learned that Simon’s adoration had not gone unnoticed.

“They opened the window, introduced themselves, and I told them that Simon always waits for Theo,” Coffman said. “They said they always see Simon but didn’t know what to call him so they’ve been calling him Chester.”

Since the exchange of signals, Simon’s fascination with Theo has only become more intense, but Theo persists on being elusive.

Simon chirps at the window and paces the ledge when he sees Theo, according to Coffman. Theo, on the other hand, gives Simon perhaps two quick glances before turning his head away.

On Monday, Coffman shared her cat’s love story on Twitter, writing, “My cat Simon is in LOVE with my neighbor’s cat and waits all day for him. Will keep y’all updated.”

In just two days, her post received over 200,000 likes and nearly 100,000 retweets. And, from the comments, it seems like all of social media is shipping the two cats

Simon will now finally see his loved one after several weeks of longingly gazing through the windowpane.

Simon is overjoyed because Coffman and her neighbors have planned a meet-and-greet for the kitties this week.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the love is real.


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