Tragically Paralyzed Kitten Improves With Physical Therapy And Lots Of Love

The story of Georgie May the kitten, is one that will stick with you for better or for worse.  However, this story is also incredibly touching and heartwarming, thanks to her wonderful rescuers.

In late June, the fluffy black kitten suffered a careless and unnecessary injury. A Las Vegas couple caring for her had a big fight, and someone slammed the door on the kitten. As a result, she was left lifeless and paralyzed. Then, one of them brought Georgie May to the vet and abandoned her there. Boo to them both. 

From there, Georgie May’s life takes a turn for the better because this kitten found an extraordinary rescuer, Nikki Martinez. As is often the case with kittens that have experienced great trauma, Georgie remained sweet and loving despite it all.

After the kind veterinarians X-rayed the kitten, they found she had no broken bones. And yet, lung contusions left her paralyzed. But hopefully, with physical therapy, she might regain the use of her hind legs again.

Despite being unable to move her hind legs, this little girl remained playful as any kitten. Martinez was hopeful physical therapy would help Georgia May, having seen it work for a puppy with a similar story. After a few months, the puppy could stand and run again. So, she held out hope for the pretty kitten.

Immediately, a kind person sent the rescue colorful foam interlocking tiles so the kitten had a soft surface on which to begin her new life. Martinez received expert advice from a neonatal specialist and rescuer caring for a cat with hind leg paresis named Dapper Daniel Diapurrman.

Using the advice, Martinez and “Foster Papi” could begin with the vet’s suggested gentle therapeutic exercises. Then, they would begin with physical therapy appointments, including water therapy and laser treatment.

In the meantime, they both had to help the kitten express her bladder, and she needed diapers due to a diet change, but that would improve. At first, it was challenging, but it became easier with practice.

“I have dreams of her running around on all four legs one day, I think she can do it, how about you?” she wrote.

Georgia May had a cute turtle to play with, another gift from a kind supporter. 

Finally, it was time for physical therapy appointments twice weekly. This kitty would get so much loving attention to see that she would be able to walk again. And everyone was rooting for the kitten.

“I don’t know if I’m being overly optimistic, but I have a strong gut feeling that this girl will walk again. The therapist is hopeful of her being able to walk again too.”

Even during therapy, Georgie May was just a typical playful kitten, swatting at toys and motivated by food. Then, she was ready for a new exercise using a textured surface shaped like an enormous dog bone called a K9FITbone. Of course, the training device was made with dogs in mind, but it’s just as useful for kitties. 

The little plastic numbs help gently stimulate nerves, encouraging them to work properly again. Later generous followers sent Georgie a similar blue therapy disk.

“Today she had her second physical therapy session. She did wonderful, but she had to work and she let us know. The little pokey plastic you see here really engages the nerves in her paws. She loves her food and is very food motivated so I bring that along to make her therapy sessions enjoyable and encourage her to keep going. You can even see in one of the videos that she’s balancing on her own!”

After practicing with a harness on a treadmill, Georgia May would soon begin hydrotherapy and acupuncture to stimulate the nerves. Plus, she received Chinese herbs during her acupuncture, which the rescuer says helped her relax and make even more progress. 

By now, she was showing progress, taking a few steps on her own, but how much she could improve was unknown.

“The look of determination on Georgie May’s face during her physical therapy session today.”

Georgie May had her first acupuncture session today at @pethealthhospital. She did fantastic! Her little back legs were kicking and her tail was flipping around, so much stimulation in those nerves. We have several more sessions coming up along with her physical therapy.”

As with cats who have Cerebellar hypoplasia, Georgie benefits from a carpeted floor for traction. She was moving around well enough to get out through the cat door to a carpeted enclosed catio all by herself.

“Georgie’s new adventure! People often ask if she’ll need a wheelchair but I’d say she gets around pretty well without one.”

As Georgie May recovered, she began playing with furry foster friends and found a new obsession, tiny soft pillows. As she clung to the pillows, she was exercising her legs, too, so she found her own therapy.

“Georgie is OBSESSED with tiny pillows. I pulled out two from inside cat beds and put them out. She found them and knew they were for her 😂”

By now, Georgie was doing much better, learning to push her legs up with more muscle strength. Being very experienced with the physical therapy routine by now, Martinez noted the funny part of working with animals.

“Georgie May was sleepy during her physical therapy session today. It’s so funny working with animals, you do everything on their terms. 😂”

Everyone is rooting for Georgie, and she seems to be getting stronger every day, thanks to this dedicated rescuer and so many caring people. For more, you can follow and support Nikki Martinez and “My Foster Kittens” on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.









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