When Another Cat Adopts The Kitten She Starts To Survive

A sweet kitten begins to thrive after being found wandering alone on the cold streets of Canada, but what really cheered her up was the care provided by another cat who became her protector.

The little kitten was wandering the streets alone when they saw her, so they picked her up to take her to an animal shelter in Montreal. It was too obvious that little Ella needed to be rescued urgently, because at that moment she was just skin and bones, and she cried nonstop.

Shelter volunteers approached various rescue centers hoping to find a good foster home for the little girl.

Eventually, Chatons Orphelins Montréal consented to transport her to their facility securely and to provide her all the attention she required. Little Ellie needed to develop and recover a lot, so a volunteer foster parent took her to their house so he could care for her.

Little Ellie’s mission in her cozy new home was to eat well and develop, but what she really wanted was companionship.

She broke down in tears every time she was left alone and craved the presence of her caregiver so that she could feel secure.

Employees at the center reported:

She was quite little and vulnerable; her foster family watched after her carefully. They saw to it that she gained weight every day and gave her supplemental feeding all the time.

As Ellie recovered, she let her caretakers know that she needed a companion at all times, as she never wanted to be alone again. In a short time, with the help of antibiotics, nutritious food, special care and above all a lot of love, the kitten made a full recovery.

The shelter said:

“She became very curious and had the strength to walk and explore, she likes to put her paws on us when we take care of her.”

However, the little girl kept insisting on having a permanent companion, so the rescue center thought she might have a good solution.

Weeks before Ellie’s arrival, a kitten named Maui was brought to the rescue center along with his sister. Maui was in poor shape and very small for his age, as his growth was affected by various health problems.

The little kitten needed special care to be able to fully recover, so he had been in the shelter for a long time recovering. On the other hand, her sister grew strong and a loving family adopted her, but Maui was far from ready.

Although Maui was about two months older than Ellie, they were about the same size, so the shelter decided to introduce them to become friends. When they met and greeted each other, they immediately became friends and began to play as if they had known each other for a long time.

Rescue facility comment:

Despite not coming from the same litter, they act like a brother and sister. Ellie and Maui are incredibly loving and kind people. They like giving one other hugs and seeking attention.

Since meeting Ellie, Maui has recovered well, and since taking care of the cat, she has thrived.

Like a good older brother, he’s always looking out for Ellie, and when they’re not running around the house, they’re most likely cuddling.

The shelter added:

“They hug all the time and do everything together. When one of them takes a nap, the other does the same.

Maui adores his little sister and showers her with love constantly, Ellie just looks at him and enjoys being able to have a companion all the time.

Without a doubt, the two kittens have managed to thrive with their loving company, and now they have created a very strong bond almost impossible to break.

For this reason, the kittens are looking for a very loving adoptive home where they can go together and love them without any conditions.

Ellie is no longer alone, and she managed to grow thanks to the protection and company of her adoptive brother, who loves her unconditionally.

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