When You See This Cat Helping Its Owner Play The Piano You’ll Melt

Istanbul, Turkey’s Sarper Duman is a musician and cat owner. He treats sick cats in his house after rescuing them from the streets. He frequently posts the cutest, most amazing videos of himself playing the piano with his kitties on social media. Every time Sarper sits down to perform, his kids join him to encourage him and provide musical support.

In the video, his content cat is sitting on his lap and is cuddled between his arms. The cat leans on the piano keys and enjoys the music being played by its owner. The cat may occasionally glance up and cuddle up to its owner in an effort to show him support and love.

Are you ready to enjoy this cute video yet? To listen to more of Duman’s beautiful music and to see more of the kitties he takes care of, be sure to check him out on Instagram.

In the video, his happy cat is tucked between his arms while sitting on his lap.

The cat’s arms put onto the piano keys and enjoy its owner’s music.

Sometimes the cat looks up and snuggles with its owner in an effort to support and love him.


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