Woman Befriends Stray Cat and Convinces Landiord to Make an Exception

Bruce Willis, a tabby cat, looks a lot older than his estimated six years of age. He has many scars and is battered from defending himself against other animals.

When Mr Willis arrived at the Animal Humane Society, he had broken teeth, injuries to his eyes and one ear, and was carrying the cat FIV virus.

He definitely needed some TLC and recovery time.

It wasn’t long before he had earned a reputation for being friendly. He would start purring as soon as you got close and he just couldn’t get enough love and attention

The problem was though, he looked so rough that it was difficult to find him a forever home.

So the shelter began sharing his pictures and stories online in the hope of finding the right person for Mr Willis.

And that was when Sandra saw the Facebook post on International Cat Day and fell in love with him.

The problem was Sandra couldn’t adopt Mr Willis because her landlord had a strict no pets policy but she still had to see Mr Willis and went to the shelter to meet him.

Mr Willis was more than happy to crawl into Sandra’s arms and purr lovingly. She went home with a heavy heart knowing that she could not take him with her.

After a month, Sandra was convinced that she and Mr Willis were meant to be together, and there were no other potential adopters.

She was so convinced of this that she talked to her landlord and sent him a picture.

It took some persuasion but she managed to change his mind. Finally Mr Bruce Willis the cat had found his forever home.

When he arrived at his new house he stretched out on the floor and kept purring loudly, he was finally home.

Despite spending years on the streets he quickly got the hang of using a litter box at the shelter and he hasn’t had a single accident since arriving at Sandra’s house.

I am so pleased that she managed to persuade her landlord to accept Mr Bruce Willis and allow her to keep him, therefore providing him with his forever home.



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